Wear Fashion that Reflects the Magic in your World

About Art U Wear

Welcome to Art U Wear where style meets the magnificence of your unique world. We offer accessories that not only adorn the body but also celebrate the landscapes that surround us - and define us. 

We focus on capturing the essence of our communities and the natural world with every image. Each photograph tells a story, and every garment is a wearable work of art.

We’ve selected scenes that give a sense of place and standalone as beautiful imagery but when wrapped and scrunched up into scarves,  become more abstract with vibrant and interesting colour palettes. Our first products use imagery that is timeless and based on the natural world or of iconic local scenes, using quality fabrics.

We are a small business, based in Collingwood, Ontario.  The images in our first collections feature photography and designs by Eden Watt (more on Eden's award-winning photography at edenrwatt.com).  In addition to photography, Eden has partnered with artists to produce public art and murals with Future Day (futureday.ca)