Art U Wear is a new brand, launched in early 2024.  We've spent a lot of time selecting our favourite images and trying them out with various products.  I've always sold prints of my photography but then we added silk scarves and then bamboo beanies and bags and the options keep growing.  We've worked with a number of different suppliers and need to try out a lot of options before we feel comfortable ordering multiples.  

The other challenge, as we've grown our offerings so fast, is how best to present them.  We've gone to some markets and tried to put everything out for display, typically separated by 'type of product' (silk scarves, prints, 'fun stuff'/novelty items, and home decor) but it's a lot to absorb with so many different images scattered across our product set.

Recently we got some advice and we are trying out the concept of collections based on specific images (e.g. Blue Dawn) or types of images (eg. Collingwood Terminals or Trees or On the Water or Floral).

Check out these images of our collections and let us know what you think!



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