Fashion Made to Order - Dresses and More!

Fashion Made to Order - Dresses and More!

I've been experimenting with some new products through a Quebec designer (Le Galeriste) who produce wearable art using a mix of their fashion designs and my imagery, to create "humanely responsible clothing & accessories", made in Canada.

Following are a sampling of items I've designed so far:

These products will be made to order and I can design any of the fashions using any of my images.  Maybe an interesting idea for bridesmaid dresses...  Imagine, they could wear floral images that match the bride's bouquet or landscape views that align with the wedding venue.

For now, I have created a storefront on their site where orders can be placed as we can't hold an inventory of sizes at this point.

Check it out at: ArtUWear Fashions at Le Galeriste

If you order, please email so I can track how it goes with you.  I have ordered a couple of items for my personal use and quite like the result although it takes several weeks to come in.

Also, if you are a boutique owner and have in interest in carrying some of these products then we can create a separate storefront for you with wholesale prices.  Please let us know via the contact form.

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